We ARE Going Snowshoeing (Don’t Try To Stop Us!) #SeizeTheDay

2013 January 23

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We won a snowshoeing trip a few years ago.

But we never used it. Giant paddle shoes and three young-ish children on a mountainside felt like more work than fun.

How do you prepare to go snowshoeing? What do you wear? Where do you rent snowshoes? Do you need special boots? Will the 5-year-old be miserable?

We had enough questions to postpone our outdoor snow adventure.  But this year we are DOING IT! Luckily our friendly snowshoe expert is still willing to take us!

We live near the amazing, the gorgeous, the NOT-to-be-MISSED in your lifetime BLUEST Lake in America—Crater Lake, Oregon. (It really IS that blue.) A walk around the lake is breathtaking even on a less than perfect day. Imagine a crisp clear winter morning hiking in the snow with paddles on your feet, camera around your neck?! Here we come!


Explore your Backyard
Choose a Winter Adventure!

  1. Too Much Snow?
    Try something new or invent a unique snow game. Go snowshoeing, create your own snow obstacle course, or prepare an outdoor adventure box. Include a few household supplies and encourage your kids to surprise you with their ideas for games, sculptures, and hijinks. Ideas: bathroom-sized garbage can, spatula, spray bottle, oversized snowsuit & boots, bucket of small plastic toys…what will they create/build/play?
  2. No Snow?
    No Problem! Pretend you have snow. Find a grassy hill and go sledding anyway! Create ice sculptures by setting out bowls of water overnight and adding a new layer each day, with dyes and nature finds to each layer.  See if you can invent a way to make your own icicles with a spray bottle in the back yard.
  3. Too Cold for Outdoor Fun?
    Bring the fun indoors and play outside the box! Make a dessert pizza from sugar cookie dough. Gather ‘food building blocks’ and create a masterpiece of art with noodles, pretzels, marshmallows, and other silly edibles. Make slime with white glue and borax, or fill a plastic tub with cornstarch and enough water to play with the goo all afternoon! (Be sure to supervise children when using borax because it’s a strong chemical.)


These Winter Adventure Ideas have been brought to you by Capri Sun, and their Seize the Day campaign! Head over to their Facebook page and upload a picture of your kids seizing the day for a chance to win up to $2,500! 






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2 Responses
  1. January 29, 2013

    I kind of miss snow, but only if I get to play in it. No driving or worrying about school for my daughter would make me a happy camper. Love the activities. Makes me feel like a kid again.
    Twitter: ConnieFoggles

    • January 30, 2013

      Yeah I always stress when I think about moving to a non-snow state! But dang driving in the slush stinks too! 🙂

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