What Does RESOLVE Mean?

2013 January 2

On Sunday I was listening to a talk about goals and resolutions and I thought… What exactly does the word RESOLVE mean?


re*solve /ri’zalv/

Settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).

Firm determination to do something.

Settle? That’s seems negative? Like in a legal sense? —The awful court battle was resolved. January list of future goals, is what we need.  Obviously the list of resolutions is about that second definition. DO SOMETHING. And find a solution, much better, I like that part.

But I got stuck on the settle thing. Settle for an end to 2012. Settle for less than achieving my goals last year. Settle on the fact that setting new goals this year will likely fall short. (again) The word settle makes me feel like a 100 year old granny.

Can I find something positive in that definition?
What DID I accomplish in 2012?
What did I complete, finish and yes even SETTLE?

Another site says the word can be used more literally, as in… someone re-solved the math problem. (Maybe this time A + B really did = X?) And maybe this year will be a new start to the rest of my life and maybe I’ll re-solve the same problem from a year ago.  Weight Loss + No Time For The Gym = X.

I give you my DO SOMETHING list for 2013.

(Some might be re-solve do-overs from last year but hey… you never know.)

  1. Lose 10 pounds.  (And not find them waiting out back for me again.)
  2. Spending Freeze for the month of January. (Except those Red Boots, they do NOT count).
  3. Drink Water. ANY AMOUNT. Why does water hate me so much?
  4. Less eating out… especially lunch. I’m sorry Mermaid Café.
  5. Write a very short journal entry daily? Okay, often. Okay, some days. Plus read a verse, a chapter, a page of scripture daily. But not just read it, think it, digest it.
  6. Find a few moments each day to quiet my mind. (You have NO idea how hard this is!)
  7. More photography. Play along with a daily #meme for inspiration?  I want to experiment with my new lens for my Nikon. And figure out Adobe LightRoom.
  8. Eat the Pantry. Meaning, cook from what is in the pantry for the month of January. #eatthepantry has a nice ring though, eh?
  9. Work smarter. Focus on what I’m doing when I’m doing it. BE Present when my kids are home after school. Write more for me.
  10. Solve for X. And re-solve and re-solve as often as it takes.

What’s Your X?
What did you complete in 2012?
And what will you re-solve to complete in 2013?

You can read my NOT-resolutions from last year over on SchoolFamily.com.


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