What is Stumble Upon: Part II

2011 September 10

Stumble Upon Is Your Friend


This post is meant for those who have already read my first Stumble Upon post and have downloaded the toolbar… maybe even ‘faved’ or ‘Stumbled’ a few times… 

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First I want to talk about Internet Karma.

You need to understand that helping your fellow bloggers only helps you. When you tweet out a link to a friend’s post that especially made you laugh, your twitter following sees you and thinks: ‘Hey she’s sweet and cares about others.’ And those same followers might read something you’ve recently written that was poignant and they think.. hey I’m going to share this with people I know.

That’s what Stumble Upon is for. When you ‘thumb’ a post you share with the Stumble Upon world something you love. I do stumble/fave my own posts, sparingly.

Second, Stumble Upon can act like a social media portal as well as a bookmarking source.

How? There is a whole ‘friending’ area of StumbleUpon. On the toolbar there is a ‘Stumbler’s’ area, and when you click it you see your Stumble Friends (or Stumble accounts you have subscribed to..) My account is GoodnCrazy.Stumbleupon.com feel free to subscribe and then have a look at the people I subscribe to and see if there is anyone on my list you already know! Subscribe to them as well…

Once you have a handful of Stumble buddies you can click your far left Stumble button on the toolbar and click through posts and articles THEY have given a thumbs up to!


Did you know you can Stumble a photo?

You must first click the post title of the article so you are on the permalink to the post and NOT the homepage. Then if you have downloaded the Firefox toolbar, you right click the image and then click stumbleupon photoblog it!

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