What The Heck Is A RAGNAR Relay Race?

2013 November 11



Camping? I don’t camp??
MUD?! Oh no. Please no.


what is a RAGNAR Trail Relay Race goodncrazy carissa rogersRUN. CAMP. SLEEP? REPEAT.

I have run exactly TWO 5K races in my whole life.
I have played sports most of my life. But if it didn’t have a ball attached I didn’t do it.

Running isn’t all that fun for me. There are times when zoning out to my favorite music or an audio book on a treadmill is exactly what my over-crazed mom-brain craves. But I’d much rather have the interaction and social time playing old lady basketball anytime!

I surprised myself last spring and ‘trained’ for a 5K back in June. The surprise wasn’t that I got ready for it, the surprise was that I totally enjoyed the actual race day!

And then the move across the country happened and yeah… right now, I probably couldn’t run 2 miles much less 15! I have tried to get out and run a little here in South Carolina. (I did walk a half marathon with 2 new friends one random Friday!) And I’ve found a few biking trails that are super gorgeous.

Runner Silhouetted ReflectionBut that’s it. And my body is showing it.

I got a call a week ago from a new friend in my church congregation. Would I like to run the RAGNAR in Atlanta next April? The huh? The what? 15 miles? ME? Oh no.

What is a RAGNAR Trail Relay?

  • It’s a relay race.
  • 8 of us.
  • 120 miles.
  • Spread over 2 days and 1 night.
  • First we roadtrip to Atlanta. (about 4 hours)
  • Then we take turns running a 3 part trail loop. (24 legs of the race)
  • Totaling a little over 15 miles each but in 3, 5 and 6 mile stretches.

Well maybe I would consider that… a girl’s trip. Could be totally fun!?

Wait there’s More to this RAGNAR Thing

  • The cost is $130 per person. (WOW? Over a thousand dollars for the privilege of killing ourselves?)
  • There is camping involved. Hold on. I DO NOT CAMP. And That’s THAT.
  • Wait… you run through the night, so really… NO ONE sleeps.
  • Smore’s are involved. (Now you have my attention?)
  • Hot Chocolate is involved. (Speaking my language!)
  • You don’t HAVE to camp out the night BEFORE the race, you can sleep in a hotel that night.
    (OH Bless You.)

So what am I missing? Can I really do this? 15 miles spread out over 2 days and a night?

Oh. I knew it.
There’s one more catch.


pig cartoon clean confused“The best way to handle muddy trails is to make like a pig, get as dirty as possible early in the run, and stop worrying about trying to stay clean. Soft mud decreases the impact from running, especially on the descents, where the mud can provide a great surface for slowing the pace without stressing your joints.”

So. 15 miles, 130 bucks, a lot of mud (make like a pig) and basically no sleep for 2 days straight?
Who WOULDN’T want all that?


“Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division, the fastest time on each loop, best team costume, best team name, best team campsite, and overall favorite team.”

Did someone say COSTUMES??

Ain’t nobody worried I will be on any of the fastest 3 teams or times.
But… Best Team costume? Team name? And DECORATING the CAMPSITE… (!!)

For the love of RAGNAR the Norse warrior, I am going to go to this race even if it kills me (and it might) but decorating a campsite is IN MY BLOOD people!!

How can I NOT go?


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