What’s your Parenting Superpower? Name it!

2015 April 13

{This is a sponsored post with AcornInfluence and Pampers UnderJams. #ConquerBedwetting}

Have you ever been asked: ‘What are you really good at, as a parent?’

Quickly can you come up with that ONE THING you do REALLY well as a parent? What's YOUR Parenting Super Power?I’m talking that ONE thing you REALLY really get right. Go ahead and think about it for a minute…
It might be hard to come up with your THING at first.

It seems like we remember every single failure.

All those times I was too tired for ‘just one more book, mommy’. The Thanksgiving turkey so undercooked my kids voted to call out for pizza instead. How about this one: Have you ever locked your kid in the car with the keys still in the car? ß I did that once… and I nearly went insane waiting for the police officer to arrive and help me. My toddler was oblivious the whole time. Just kept waving at me and drinking her sippy cup.

So why don’t the successes jump to mind as quickly?

Did you come up with that THING you rocked as a parent? Are you great at dealing with sibling rivalry? Are you amazing at teaching your kids to read? Did you teach your whole neighborhood of kids how to ride a bike?

A few of MY SuperPowers.

  • I can teach any kid to ride a bike. It’s true. Send over your 4 year old. I’ll have the kiddo riding a 2 wheel bike in a few afternoons. (Ask my friend Amy!)
  • We filled every minute of car time chanting and reciting all things phonics back when I had pre-schoolers in the car. “What sound does GRASS start with?” “Whose name starts with a duh-duh-duh sound? YES! Daddy!” and on and on…
  • My kids rarely fight or have sibling spats, because early on I learned when I stay out of their bickering (literally ignoring the ‘Mom—she did that’!, ‘Mom—he said that’!) they solve it themselves knowing mom won’t jump in, more often than not, only escalating the behavior.


Kids struggle in a lot of areas… there are plenty of things where being a great parent will only get you so far. You can’t prevent everything, you have to help as much as you can of course. And learn as you go.  Maybe they have a learning problem, maybe they find they’re bullied in 5th grade, maybe they have massive allergies or other health or mental health issues.

I’ve watched plenty of parents deal with all of the above. When your kid is struggling is often when you have to dig deep and find the parenting superpower called … Patience. Because YOU can’t do a whole lot of anything but wait and love and encourage in so many of children’s experiences.

 creating confidence to help #ConquerBedWetting with Pampers UnderJams

I’m working with Pampers and their Bedwetting under pants: UnderJams.

Bedwetting is one of those things as a parent you really can’t solve for them. 15% of kids have ENURESIS—the medical term for night-time bedwetting at or past age 5.

Finding a strategy that works for YOUR KIDDO is going to be your main job. I have 3 kids and have also had 2 foster kiddos in our home. And ALL of them were very different especially when it came to figuring out their night time ability to either hold it or wake up and find the potty on their own.

pampers underjams #conquerbedwetting Enuresis

I love the suggested Tips on this UnderJams graphic.

  1. Manage their pre-bedtime drinks.
  2. Work positively and help them see themselves succeeding!
  3. Use a product like UnderJams (you can find them at Walmart and other stores) so your kids can sleep confidently eliminating fears and nerves while you patiently work on the bedwetting.


{BONUS: Pampers UnderJams are low-waisted so any age kid won’t be stressed about wearing them or being visible above their pants or jammies.}


A few more Tips from this GoodNCrazy mom…

100_9774I offered sugar free gum on any mornings my little boy was dry. It was the PERFECT incentive for him. It didn’t solve his issue right away, but he was always so proud of himself when he woke dry.

And we also really emphasized other ‘independent’ behaviors he was mastering. Buckling and unbuckling himself in his carseat was a HUGE one for me, because as the youngest he had to get in and out of the car a bazillion times for the older kids’ activities. Or when he learned to tie his shoes, we darn near threw a PAR-Tay for him!

Brushing his own teeth, completing small tasks and chores around the house ‘just like the big kids’, pouring his own cereal & milk for breakfast were all simple steps that increased his confidence and eventually helped him understand that he WAS a big kid and it will only be a matter of time before the bedwetting is a thing of the past.


What DID or DID NOT work for your kids when you were working on their night time staying-dry success? How did you help your kid(s) #ConquerBedWetting?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with AcornInfluence and Pampers UnderJams.



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    Papa said, “Wait. I have four sons and a tomboy wife (grandma), but it’s my daughter who got the baby possum out the house that was scaring the grandkids?”



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      (Picture of the little rat on website.)

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