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2013 April 2

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Give the kids the camera for a change!

As moms, we are so busy worrying about documenting family vacations, holiday gatherings and milestone moments, that we forget to step back and capture the fun. Who better than our kids to remind us that we can: 1) let go of the serious and incorporate more of the silly, and 2) simply BE IN MORE PHOTOS!

It’s like I was “left home” from our last family vacation– there were no photos of me for the family photo album! Why? Because I’m always the one holding the camera, that’s why!

Time to hand over the digital documentation to someone else, for a change.

On Mother’s Day 2012 we staged several group shots of mom with the kids. (A friend was taking the photo.) My kids had a blast coming up with over the top ideas to express what Mother’s Day represented. This one where the kids are surrounding me pretending to plant a giant kiss on my cheek was a hit!

My favorite of the entire photo shoot was where everyone was giving a wacky face! Once we were finished with the cute, the cuddly, and the staged, it was crazy photo time! Everyone cheered… and this was the shot that made us all giggle, (I’m guessing for years to come).

And don’t forget the Dads! Encourage more photography with Dad as the center of focus, too.

Six Fabulous Ways To Get “Digi” With Your Family!

  • Project 365
    Involve kids, friends and other family members for a photo-a-day project. Share your daily photos at the end of the month via social media outlets.
  • Host a Photo Shoot, Magazine Style
    Gather props and take turns being the diva or the photographer. Always ending with the popular, ‘Make a crazy face’ for the camera!
  • Photographer for a Day!
    While on vacation make it a point to assign a different kid to document different days or activities. Then create entire albums from each kid’s captured moments.
  • Purchase Disposable Point and Shoot Cameras
    Give one to each family member and work with a theme, or encourage artistic or wacky photography. Waiting for old school developing will be half the fun… oh the anticipation!
  • Edit Digital Photos with Simple Free Editing Software
    Alter the photos with crazy filters and colors or silly add-ins like free digital scrapbook stickers. Print out the fun photos and share with grandparents or school teachers.
  • Use Your Cell Phone Cameras MORE!
    Make up challenges while on vacation or on a Wednesday afternoon. With only a mobile camera see who can capture the best action shot, silly photo or experiment with panorama tools.

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