Who Let The Moms Out? GoodNCrazy 40th Birthday Celebration

2013 March 21
by Carissa

A bunch of My Goodncrazy mom friends are pretty much willing to do anything with me.

We once TP’d the INSIDE of someone’s house! We tend to don moustaches and kidnap each other for birthdays and various other celebrations (baby showers, going away parties). And recently we rented a Gorilla suit in order to scare/humiliate one of the moms on her birthday.

This month I’m turning the big 4-0. And let’s just say I *might* have been expecting something super-duper with a cherry on top kind of WONDERFUL from my girlfriends this year… Plus several others of us recently turned 40… except Julie who just turned 30. (We hate her a little bit.)

They didn’t disappoint!

We just got back from a Huge Weekend Getaway to Los Angeles, Baby!!
6 moms, sans 20 kids in 1 mini-van—Who Let the Moms Out?!

First we had a stop-over halfway in Sacramento to visit Julie MacDonald’s (AKA LeeLou) Aunt & Uncle. We had so much fun there we dubbed him “The Funkle”! And then we drove to L.A. picking up two more moms on the way.

Our L.A. Confidential Weekend Agenda

  1. Celebrity Sightings—We saw BJ Novak!!!
  2. Tickets to StarLine Tours of Hollywood!
  3. Universal Studios Hollywood!
  4. More Celebrity Sightings—We saw the newest Glee Cast member!!!
  5. And… The Price is Right! (I know, believe me, we are happy to make fun of ourselves!)

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

We had fun.

We laughed our butts literally off.

We took that town by mom-storm and we are planning a reunion tour in 20 years!


All Six of us: Julie MacDonald, Cathy ‘Coach’ Peterson, Amy Hempel, Lisa Jones, Christy Smith and Me.

Do we look excited to be away from our kids? Do we look happy to be hanging with wacky uncles and touring L.A. mom-style? BELIEVE me we ARE!!


Special Thanks goes to the PR team at Universal Studios, they made our adventure there feel like we were VIPs! I cannot wait to take my kids back. My favorite ride was the Studio ‘tram’ Tour.. during the tour of the back lot you go through a tunnel and put on your 3-D glasses and WHAM! There’s King Kong jumping on you and giant Dinosaurs are spitting on you! It feels like you might fall out of the tram and I LOVED every second of it! I’ll be writing more about our Universal Studios Hollywood adventure on TravelingMom.com!


And more kudos go to Starline Tours of Hollywood. The Red Line was a blast and we saw @MindlessBehavior at Millions of Milkshakes! (No idea who they are but? Hey? Cool for us anyway!) I’ll share all our tips and tricks for a fabulous tour experience with Starline Tours also on TravelingMom.com!

Please note, Starline Tours and Universal Studios provided tickets for this 40th birthday blast! However The Price is Right Tickets are free, order your date a couple months in advance and be prepared to wait for FOUR hours before the taping begins! And in case you’re wondering… our show date will be on April 3rd in 2 weeks! Set Your DVRs! We just might be front and center in those super bright T-Shirts that say: {Who let the Moms Out? Drew, Drew, Drew, Drew}.

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  1. April 2, 2013

    What a fun trip! And the price is right? That is fabulous on so many levels!!

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