Why Buy a CSA Produce Box? For the Pictures Dummy!

2015 June 17
by Carissa

Really just an excuse to post pretty pictures of produce.

Springs Farm Fort Mill, SC CSA Box

We paid for a half share of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box from the local Springs Farm here in Fort Mill. You have to sign up for your weekly box by the end of March or so before they run out. The cost is $175 for a half share.Fort Mil Springs Farm CSA box produce

It says a half share is for a family of 2, but I always find the amount of veggies and fruit of the half share is better suited to my family of 5. Because everyone isn’t going to like everything. I end up eating most of it I swear. Which is fine with me!

If I had very young children I might split the half share with another small family.

You pick up a box each Tuesday at the Springs Farm Stand (not the Peach Stand) for 10 weeks. Where you also grab a small peach Ice Cream Cone for only $1.75. – Or strawberry, or Blackberry.

I’m totally floored there are still strawberries left and Peaches are already in the box as well in early June. It’s a treat and a surprise each week to find out what’s in your box.

Although? What to do with a small Eggplant?

I’ve found as there are items in the CSA box that I don’t normally use I’m more determined to figure out what to do with them. I learned a few years ago that baby beets are quite seriously the most divine nuggets if you roast them in the oven with a bit of butter and brown sugar. Who KNEW? I mean BEETS?!

So I did what I always do. I asked Facebook what to do with Eggplant?
They didn’t let me down. Amanda from Morocco gave mid-eastern suggestions. My Southern friends all knew the best fried options – duh. And in a weird Facebook Miracle my bloggy friend Sarah linked to a recipe on another bloggy friend’s website and THAT friend (Hi Kelly!) was at the same moment also answering my eggplant conundrum and saw Sarah’s mention of her site… It’s a thing.

What I made? A panko crumbs version of a fried eggplant thing. (Slice, salt, let weep, dry, dip in flour, then egg, then panko and fry in sauce pan in very small amount of vegetable oil. The end.) We dipped it in Spicy Ranch and salsa and ate it all gone in about 5 seconds. I promise Facebook; I shall try everything on your list if another aubergine shows up in the CSA box!

Sliced Eggplant. It was the most pretty light purple color!!


Panko encrusted fried Eggplant. The Joy.

Panko encrusted fried eggplant


More CSA box of abundance because I can’t help myself.

CSA Box strawberry blackberry photography by carissa rogers goodncrazy

There is a #MacroMonday thing on Instagram. And I keep trying to be all artsy fartsy and macro it up. But I keep failing. Truly Macro must not be my thing? This is as close as I get. Sorry Lisa Frame, I suck. Leticia is also in on the challenge.. go see their Instagram Feeds… now THAT’s Macro!

box of CSA produce photography by carissa rogers goodncrazy

All those cucumbers and baby zucchini make for a lovely photo. And oh how I love fresh cucumber sandwiches. If you ever have LARGE overgrown giant zucchini and don’t know what to do with em? I have recipes for Giant Zucchini!

Do NOT throw them out! But for these small guys I just butter ‘em up and lightly sauté till just a bit of crunchy left. AMEN. You’re welcome.

CSA Box produce green pepper macro photography carissa rogers goodncrazy

Does this count for #MacroMonday? Oh brother. I give up.

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