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2013 February 1

I came home from my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party/reunion with 700 photos!

(This is just My siblings and their families! About ¼ of the reunion!)

What the heck do you do with 700 photos?! No one wants to see that many photos of that many family members pretty much EVER. But how to bring that number down to a manageable mountain I can climb and come back down looking like the family hero?

  • Photo Organizing Option 1, Inside the Camera

Scrolling through the images directly on my camera is the WORST way to delete unwanted HUNDREDS of images. Takes up battery, too tiny to see well and plain BAD IDEA. #FAIL

  • Photo Organizing Option 2, Use Folder System on Hard Drive

Uploading ALL of the images to my hard-drive in a folder titled Family Reunion 50th Anniversary, ensures I will NEVER see those photos again, deep in the bowels of my computer. Much less find the time to get rid of the excess, the blurry, the duplicates and well… all the ones where that ONE grandkid insisted on being in EVERY photo. #LOSTFOREVER

  • Photo Organizing Option 3, Use the Software Already on my Computer

Attempting to scroll through the images via a simple photo viewer that came with my computer is helpful but SO. SLOW. I begin knocking my head against the keyboard within 5 minutes of the task. #DEATHBYBOREDOM

I want to organize massive amounts of photos, determine which are keepers, delete the rest and dare I dream…? RENAME all the images with a tag that tells me what they are, and make them so much more searchable on my hard drive. Not to mention batch editing the light issues all at once for similar images 10, 20 or more at a time (like increasing exposure or adjusting the white balance).

Is it POSSIBLE with Lightroom 4?? Oh Yes It Is!

  • Photo Organizing Option 4, I Finally Bought Lightroom 4

OMGosh—only $115 on Amazon Right Now!

As my REAL photographer friend Kelly said: #LifeChanging, right? Oh… you have NO IDEA.

I won’t lie, the learning curve to simply understanding HOW LR4 imports images and how it deals with them is steep. (What the heck does cataloging mean?)

But if you understand one thing with Lightroom 4 you’ll be fine.
When editing images (tagging, renaming, deleting even…) LR4 is not really doing anything to the ACTUAL image. It’s working from the ‘catalogue’ it just made of the images you ‘IMPORTED’. More like Virtually editing the images. And instead of saving an image after editing…  to create a photo book of a family reunion… you ‘EXPORT’ the edited image and now a real file is created of your newly edited image. And the original is still back in the first folder where you left it.

Make sense? You’ll have to try it…

I’ll leave the teaching to the experts but believe me, watch a few Video Tutorials, figure out what it means by ‘CATALOGING’ and you’ll be the hero of your family reunion in NO TIME! Plus you can download a free trial period direct from Adobe for 30 days to see what I mean?

Even better than 700 family reunion photos? I brought thousands of my family images down to just over 400 I can now look at, edit, and determine which to print for the year. Hoo-HAPPY-Ray!

Favorite Tutorials for Lightroom 4

(Notice very few are directly from Adobe, because frankly I think their tutorials are terrible for a beginner! They assume too much, and if you know nothing do NOT start with the Adobe tutorials!)

YES those are Amazon affiliate links. YES I will get 7 nickels if you buy the software from my link. If the $.35 bothers you, go buy it directly on Amazon, I promise you will not hurt my feelings!


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